16 December 2016

WNRE Team do it Again!

SDZ Pittard Award 2016
Warlimont & Nutt's talented team shone again at the 24th Australasian Real Estate Awards which were held in November in Brisbane.

The company is very proud of our team.  Two of our staff won national awards, and our congratulations are extended to:

  • Alex Corradi who won "Improver of the Year 2016" and
  • Sam Dalziel who won "Supporter of the Year 2016"

As well, our team achieved numerous nominations:

  • Fergus Nutt - Leader of the Year
  • Trent Cameron - Salesperson of the Year
  • Mary Papousakis - Administration Controller of the Year
  • Eve Schmalkuche - Sales Secretary of the Year
  • Joshua Ward - Beginner to Winner


Sam (pictured here) has enjoyed an amazing year taking out several awards during 2016.  He will be moving into our Sales team so we look forward to many clients benefiting from his outstanding commitment, energy and talents.  

Alex' experience has delivered strong results for many clients this year since he strives to achieve the highest standards.

We are delighted that our teamwork, mentoring and continual training benefit our many clients as we strive for excellence.

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