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31 March 2015

How? How does My Neighbourhood Compare to the Rest of the Market?

The local market can appear fickle. Prices go up one day and seem to flatten out the next.

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4 17 Lucerne Ave SOLD Dianne Keating

24 March 2015

Time? Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

One of the most exciting aspects of the real estate market is the varied and unpredictable pricing being achieved across different markets, properties, sale type (auction vs. private sale), marketing and buyer activity.

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17 March 2015

What is my Property Worth?

This question is the most common question asked by prospective sellers.

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Harold Armstrong2

19 February 2015

Ask a Local

5 Minutes with Harold Armstrong.

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MM House circa 1930

18 February 2015

A History of Mt Martha House

Mt Martha House was initially opened as a hotel in 1891, being part of the development known as Mt Martha Estate.

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